Saturday, July 11, 2009

zoo etiquette

one would think that if someone was coming to an animal park, that visitors would respect the residents. sadly this is not the case. it is also not my intention to soap box on this blog, even though i have strayed from the happy bio info posts a couple times. i feel like after today i should just make some statements so those who might visit or be in the company of such visitors who don't conduct themselves in a respectable way towards the residents can maybe gain some insight into actions that just aren't right when visiting a place that wildlife calls home. this not only applys to behavior in zoo's, but parks and anywhere else there are animals. ... after the tatiana (tiger) event in 2007 i have had heightened sensitivity to behavior. as well you would think after that much publicized event that more thought would go into folks actions, but unfortunatley it doesn't. there have been too many times i have stopped and asked visitors to alter their behavior or called security to come and deal with it. today i was at the gorilla's and the guy next to me spit into the enclosure. who does this? not only is that just not right, that is their home. ... in short, it is not ok to project anything (including spit) into an enclosure. its not its not ok to knock on the glass. its not ok to vocalize at the residents, this includes roaring at big cats (yes i've seen this). i know in the hopes of getting folks more passionate about the zoo and its residents, part of that is getting to know who they are, thus knowing them by name. be mindful that because you know their name, please don't yell out to them. the animals are here to be observed, not interacted with, unless you visit the petting zoo or nature trail. ... if you see someone behaving badly please allert a staff member or call the number on one of the respect the animal signs.

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