Friday, July 3, 2009


first thing you need to know is andy is a girl! andy was named before coming to the sfzoo from the atlanta zoo where she was born on 12.25.82. she was hand raised there after being rescued by a keeper, before her father could harm her. according to a book written about her, a co-habitating mated pair is unusual and her parents had previous cubs that didn't survive the father's aggression. ... its very curious that the zoo she came from couldn't sex her and it wasn't until she got to sfzoo (as a proposed male mate for pike) that they found out he was a she! i wish sfzoo would have changed the spelling of her name to andi, but i guess after 26 years she's cool with it ;) ... the great little book (used copies available online) written about her cub days is called "andy bear." once i saw her baby photos, it was easy for me to tell her and pike apart, as she still has the same face.

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  1. Andie is a cutie for sure. One day I got the opportunity to see Andie doing one of her favorite things...rolling in ice cubes!!! Hey, what else would a Polar Bear want?