Thursday, July 2, 2009

wishbone and annie

at the far end of the zoo, next to the old seal pool (when back in my day there was a cart that sold fish you could feed them!), are the bear grotto's. the corner grotto next to the seal pool is where wishbone and annie live. they are a 22 year old couple of spectacle or andean bears, who have been together since they arrived at the zoo. annie was born on 12.21.86 in chicago and wishbone came from los angeles and his birthday is 10.25.86. people often think that annie, who is a lot smaller than wishbone, is a baby. they are very attached to each other and can be seen snuggled up together in the back of their enclosure, where one often grooms the other and sometimes "the other" gets cranky. just like an old married couple. check out wishbone's wishbone marking on his forehead!

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  1. These two are adorable. It's very sweet to watch Wishone spend hours preparing a nice nap place for little Annie. She's a lot smaller but she can hold her own when it's snack time!!!