Sunday, April 22, 2018

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Hello to anyone who lands on this page.

I haven't posted to this page
in six+ years.
It was my first blog ever!
I wanted to share all the
info I was learning about the
SFZoo Animals.

If you are just starting to learn
about the SFZoo Animals,
Please read back through my posts,
there is wonderful
information and photos!

Over the years I have become
overwhelmed with
Zoo related issues,
that I don't even get to those. 

I'm putting this notice here now.

All my Zoo posts will be on 
my main blog exclusively.

That blog is the most 
well known, with almost
56,000 pages views alone!

Please visit the above link
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You can also view all the 
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Thank You for your interest!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

new blog information

I have created a new blog that contains the information below, which is a one stop synop to all my zoo related sites. the direct url is ... see link to the left.

Posting to this blog ended on December 16, 2010.   Please visit my new blog which is continually updated

Note that on the site called san francisco zoo FAILS, I have detailed information regarding the recent tragedy in the Park at the Bison Paddock.  Though not a complete FAIL on the Zoo, it is related as a Park and Recreation issue.

Thank you!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A San Francisco Zoo Crime

Last month my friend lee and I got our zoo memberships revoked, without any reason given. I have tried to not make this public, by first contacting various VIPs. Those VIPs obviously don't care, since we have not heard back from any of them. Maybe the media or public won't care either, but I feel I need to speak out about this crime committed against us.

If you are interested in the details I have made a youtube video about part of the situation as well a blog detailing all the facts.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

sorry, there will be no further updates

i am sorry for not updating this site since august. i have been conflicted whether or not to continue to update and have decided not to.

i love my zoo friends and will continue to post photos of their cuteness on my shutterfly photo site (link on left bar), but i feel my original mission to educate and endear people to the animal residents only, helps an organization who doesn't see the need for such help. zoo management does not value this kind of outreach and has never acknowledged what i've tried to do here. i still feel my mission is desperately needed for the zoo to thrive, but the zoo has a staff who should be facilitating this aspect of outreach.

do not misinterpret, i still love these animals and visit them at least 3 times a week. if anyone who follows this blog has any questions about an animal, you can contact me thru this website and i will be happy to answer your questions.

thank you to all the visitors to this blog. viva goober and all his friends! i love you!

visit my other zoo friend sites!

learn more about the zoo residents enrichment fun here:

see more photos of the zoo residents here:

video clips of the zoo friends here:

read more about padang and her milestone birthday here:

photos from padangs party here:

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

we got em', flamingo chicks!

i was told by a keeper on thursday that two of the ten ( i think) eggs had, i forget the term he used, pinned/pinged? (the day before) which means they had just broken the shell in preparation to emerge from the egg. from then, it should be about two days before the chick will fully hatch. that put babies for friday. the flamingos were my first stop today, as i must see babies! and yippee! i got to see one for a bit before the parent say down to cover it. this one i saw well is the one on the front nest, but there is another one the back nest, that i caught a glimpse of on the way out. ... these are the first baby flamingos since 2003 (i believe), and first i've ever seen! so pretty exciting! welcome precious cuties! ... check the photosite (link at left) for more pix, including updated photos of them at five days and another new baby!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

new babies on the island!

three twelve week old male penguin chicks, who were hatched on penguin island, have finished socialization and fish school. last week they took their big boy march along the parade route in their honor, that led them back to the island! pictured are each one of the chicks a week later. the one with the red band is named floyd, the black banded will be named by an auction winner, and the one with the grey band will be named by a zoo member (from a contest). ... to see photos and some video clips of the parade, please visit my photosite and youtube channel (links in the left column on this page).

capy happy!

two year old capybara sisters (ria and kyme) born at the san diego zoo are now living at the puente! after losing our lottie last year, the puente has been missing cute little capy faces. the girls seem to be adjusting well and will at some point be introduced to the anteater couple who also make the puente field their home. i hope it all works out, it will be a joy to watch them all out together. i especially can't wait til the sisters have access to the field AND the pond, as i've seen capy's swimming in video's and would love to see them enjoying the pond. will be interesting to see what the swan's have to say about that! ... welcome sisters!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

happy birthday goober!

today was goober's 16th birthday! my friend nica and i went to the zoo today to wish him a happy day! goober was happy to see us and loved our song for him! check out his big smile! he was saying "thank you for the birthday wishes! i am the goober-licious!" love ya sweet goob! ... when we arrived for our second of three rounds of goob bday greetings, the zoo camp gal brought over a card the campers made for goober and the keeper was putting it on display!

happy belated birthday! sukari!

african lion sukari recently had her first birthday as a resident of the sfzoo. she turned eight years old on june 23rd. the big cat keeper enjoys celebrating the cats birthdays, so special treats were given to her and her companion tunya (and all the other cats too!) last saturday. her birthday came during a time when she and tunya were separated due to her new birth control implant needing to take effect, so her celebration came a bit after (so they could enjoy it together), but still with a whole lot of fun! ... you can see more pix from the bash on the photosite >

july birthdays

sorry for the delay to anyone who is following the blog closely. the month of july was the birth month for many of our zoo friends. luckily with the cooperation of her keeper, sumatran tiger leanne's seventh birthday was celebrated! you can see photos from all the fun on the photosite (link at left). before leanne's party i went by and wished cobby a happy birthday! and when i went to the family farm they had a birthday sign up for my fav little girl on the farm, ginger. ... happy belated birthday shout-outs to, those whose birthdays as far as i know, went publicly (and even i missed some) unrecognized, mishaki, bwang, slash, pokemon, busby and oscar jonesy! ... i personally think its a shame that with reaching the milestone 55 years old and having the moniker of oldest male chimpanzee in captivity in north america, his birthday went unrecognized. to me the residents are the zoo. without them there would not be one. plain and simple. they should be celebrated.