Thursday, August 12, 2010

july birthdays

sorry for the delay to anyone who is following the blog closely. the month of july was the birth month for many of our zoo friends. luckily with the cooperation of her keeper, sumatran tiger leanne's seventh birthday was celebrated! you can see photos from all the fun on the photosite (link at left). before leanne's party i went by and wished cobby a happy birthday! and when i went to the family farm they had a birthday sign up for my fav little girl on the farm, ginger. ... happy belated birthday shout-outs to, those whose birthdays as far as i know, went publicly (and even i missed some) unrecognized, mishaki, bwang, slash, pokemon, busby and oscar jonesy! ... i personally think its a shame that with reaching the milestone 55 years old and having the moniker of oldest male chimpanzee in captivity in north america, his birthday went unrecognized. to me the residents are the zoo. without them there would not be one. plain and simple. they should be celebrated.


  1. People REALLY seem to love knowing/celebrating the animals' birthdays! I know that I enjoy celebrating the animals, even if it's just a simple poster and some treats. Leanne's birthday was super great!! She REALLY seemed happy. :) Thanks so much to all of those who make birthday celebrations possible!!

  2. i think so too! everytime there's been a birthday recognized, even with a card like the one lee and i did last year for cobby (that was displayed), people love it! i think it helps to endear people to the residents and above all the resident gets extra special treats! :)