Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sweet tony

last tuesday, sweet tony joined his sister emily and his companion tatiana, where i'm sure they are playing in a meadow in the afterlife. ... i could write alot on tony as he was one of the dearest zoo friends i've come to know. those who haven't had the opportunity to really know a non domesticated fur friend, have no idea how special they can be. tony was i would imagine, like no other tiger. he had a truly sweet nature to him. he seemed to love everyone and love life. he was always happy and chuffed at his keepers and his neighboring tigers, even when one might be in a mood and sass back at him. he would just seem to smile and continue on his way. one fond recent memory, my friend and i were talking with his keeper and tony come to the mesh between us to be included in the conversation. he was making eye contact as he always did, and stood there as if he had something to add to the chat. i know from experience that he most surely did, even if we couldn't hear his thoughts. ... this big guy was a sweetheart and you could feel it from him. i think if you went in with him, he would let you sit down bedside him and brush him. he had that kind of gentleness about him. ... i miss you tony tone tone. you will always be in my thoughts and heart. love to you and see you again in another lifetime.


  1. "Sweet Tony" says it all; he was quite an endearing cat that was loved by many - he will be remembered along with his predecessors that lived in the Lion House. Cheers to you, big guy.

  2. It's taken me a month since the loss of precious Tony to write without crying my heart out... I loved this gentle giant so very much. Tony had a big, soft heart and was like no other Tiger, EVER. He was sweet and handsome and loved all the visitors and his furry cell mates. There are many many many fond memories I have of Big Head Tony Tone Tone... one that stands out the most is a day when I was still a docent. I would come to the zoo before it opened and would run to the Big Cats to see them before anyone else!!! It was around Halloween time and I had come to work that day in my docent vest and face done up as a Tiger. As I walked past the grottos... Tunya and Kimani were sleeping, LeAnne and Paddy were inside and Jahari and Amanzi were dozing also.
    Mr Tony was walking his grotto!!! I said "Hi Tony" and he stopped in his tracks and did a couple double takes, walked a little further, more double takes....LOL.... I said "Tony it's me" and he finally realized who I was.... he walked to the edge of his grotto and chuffed at me. I will always remember that as one of my most treasured moments in life with a treaured Tiger that I will always love and always miss. I have many memories of him. I also was in the Lion House the day we were talking with the keeper. That adorable Tony came right up and listened in. I loved that about him. Precious Tony, you are in kitty heaven now, in a heavenly grotto with Tatty and Emily and you are healthy again. They've missed you my precious Big Boy, as I do now. I'll see you again someday Tony.... as when it's my time, I want to see kitty heaven also. As I always have said.... The world would be a better place with more Tony's in it. I love you Big Boy....and now the tear begin again.

  3. thank you for your thoughts and memory sharing, birdbuddy and andie. ... now i'm crying. i really miss you tony. you were my zoo boyfriend :) i know you're there when i am and that you are watching over your earth bound friends, even while playing in your meadow on the other side.