Saturday, January 30, 2010

warm winters day

while its been storming here in san francisco, today's forecast for more rain was wrong! the sun shined the whole time i was at the zoo :) all the animals had smiles on their faces, just take a look at andy bear's grin! she had a seat and a smile, and sat there enjoying the warm winter day. ... lions jahari and amanzi got a special enrichment of sheets with rhino scent! the lions really love the smell of rhino, its like big kitty catnip! see pix of them enjoying the treat on the blog's supplement photo site here >

Thursday, January 28, 2010

baby boy howler is getting big!

my pal nica took these great photos yesterday, of the new baby howler, bamba and his big sisters, lupe and baya, hanging with each other! her camera has a stronger zoom than mine, so she gladly donated them to share here. thankx nica!

yesteryday's lovely big cats

captured some nice ones of the big cats yesterday in between visiting the friends and crime bustin'! ... more lions kisses! amanzi is just all over her sweetie jahari. i was right at the window and love this mass of mane and tongue! ... tony and his reflection in his pond. i love refelctions, shadows, ect. ... padang walking towards me against the bamboo. i love when i can get fav foliage in snaps!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

january birthdays!

camilla and tunya weren't the only residents celebrating birthdays this month. i appologize to all the residents whose birthdays were not individually posted here. some i was there on the day or day about and blew a wish out to you. some i missed. i'm sorry. ... i have a birthday celebration plan that i pitched to the zoo director but got no reply. having been a small unofficial part of both cobby and padang's birthdays in 2009, there was proof that the public likes birthday celebrations. i hope at some point i can help the zoo remember and celebrate all the residents birthdays, because not only should no one's birthday go unrecognized, without these special animals, there would be no zoo.

january birthdays

1st- elly, sureshot, kachina, kiona, sassafras
3rd- monifa
4th- amanzi
26th- camilla, tunya

if you want to know when your favorite residents birthday is, please check the calendar tab on the supplement photo site. i will be updating it with all the birthday info i have, at least a month in advance.

happy birthday camilla and tunya!

celebrating her first birthday today! camilla was the first of two reticulated giraffe calf's born in 2009. she is the daughter of mama bititi and papa sam. her half brother niklas (his mama is carolina) was born three months after her, but she is still the tiniest giraffe on the savannah. ... january 26 also marks african lion tunya's thirteenth birthday! tunya came to the sfzoo as a cub in 1997. he currently is rooming solo, rotating the enclosure with his new companion, sukari. they will be cohabitating as soon as the keepers feel they are ready. ... happy birthday to you both! i wish the weather was better for a visit! hope you both get some special bday treats! ... photo of sam giving five day old camilla a kiss! ... one of my fav early photos of tunya i took on my birthday!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

love is in the air!

the sun was shining at the zoo today and the friends were out enjoying it. ... got this snap of jahari showing amanzi some love! she actually initiated it but out of a series of three, this was the best capture (you can see her tongue tucking in after giving him a kiss)! sooo cute! ... tallulah was wrapped in a blanket sleeping in the sun with cobby beside her. it even looked like they were holding hands! i took some pix, but with the new path barriers the zoo has constructed, they are just too far away :( i suspect these two are sweet on each other as i once witnessed her take his chin in her hand, lean over and kiss him! sooo sweet! i was so taken with it that i missed getting a pic of it, but that's what memories are for and the zoo friends provide many moments to remember.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

friends laying low during the storm

the zoo posted yesterday via twitter that the chimps "were inside under blankets watching the movie shark tales." i asked if "they have the attention spam to watch a movie all the way thru?" and "if they talk to each other during the movie?" the zoo answered this today, "Cobby was watching the movie, Tallulah was reading the others were snacking." thankx to the zoo for this info! paints a very cute picture in my mind! i wish i could have seen this scene. these friends are so special. ... the zoo also noted that they are painting and playing with other enrichment items.

Monday, January 18, 2010

more photos of the friends

if you wanna rock like my kitten (seen here approving the new photo site!), please make sure to follow the link on the left sidebar to view more of my photos of the zoo friends. these are photos that i previously had on different photo hosting sites and i have now combined them onto one page, that is titled to reflect the blog name. ... i will also add pix weekly from my visits as well as some gems from the past. ... if anyone has online photo albums of your sfzoo visit(s) and would like to be linked from my photo site, please provide me the link by leaving a message in the visitor comment section on the photo site. ... hope everyone enjoys this supplemental feature to my blog!

update on harry the penguin

Ill zoo penguin's health holding steady
By: Katie Worth Examiner Staff Writer
January 16, 2010

The San Francisco Zoo's Magellanic penguin Harry, left, became ill in December with a very serious respiratory infection. Harry the Penguin’s health has neither deteriorated nor improved in recent weeks, San Francisco Zoo officials reported. The Magellanic penguin – who famously left his longtime same-sex partner Pepper last year in favor of female penguin Linda – became ill in December with a very serious respiratory infection. The zoo removed both Harry and Linda to their Avian Conservation Center for treatment, since the non-contagious disease is frequently fatal for the waddling birds.

The situation was dicey at first, but Avian curator Harrison Edell reports that it has stabilized.
“Harry’s white blood cell count indicates that we haven’t lost ground, but that we’re not out of the woods,” he said. “His body weight has plateaued … his appetite seems good, and we will continue to treat him with antibiotics.” Edell said Harry will be treated until his white blood cell count improves and x-rays prove that he has truly conquered the illness.
Meanwhile, partner Linda is fine – if a little attached to her sick companion, Edell said.
“Linda’s doing well, and prefers to remain within two feet of Harry at all times,” he said.

news article source
i found this last night online. a brief update was made by the zoo via twitter to another tweeter, but my request regarding a status of both harry and the ostrich have gone unanswered. continued best wishes to both of them.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fall for cublets!


Kami Sambol

Burung and Kami Sambol

in corresponding with machelle from the akron zoo, she sent me a pic from halloween. i love animals and pumpkins, the boo at the zoo events are always a favorite of mine. i asked her if she had anymore with pumpkins and she sent me these great snaps of our boys! there's even some cute tongue action! they are too adorable. i love seeing still hanging out together. ... at the time, i had looked at online sources including flickr and never found any, so these exclusives are a treat! thankx again machelle, you rock!

Monday, January 11, 2010

FINALLY!!! new law on motion to protect the zoo friends!

Zoo taunters face harsher dues

By: Mike Aldax
January 11, 2010

Unpunished: Supervisor Sean Elsbernd introduced new legislation after charges were dismissed against a man who entered a grizzly bear enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo. (AP file photo)

After several incidents in which patrons of the San Francisco Zoo have either taunted the wildlife or snuck into enclosures containing dangerous animals, a city lawmaker is proposing to tighten laws and increase penalties for those who foolishly mingle with The City’s animals.

Supervisor Sean Elsbernd’s proposal adds language to an existing law that prohibits entrance into habitats and enclosures, including the bison paddock in Golden Gate Park. The new law would specify that taunting or endangering animals in any city park is not allowed and would also heighten maximum fines for violations from $500 to $1,000.

The lawmaker introduced the legislation after a man who snuck into the grizzly bear enclosure Sept. 26 not only managed to escape with his life, but also without punishment. A Superior Court judge tossed out a misdemeanor trespassing charge against the 21-year-old man after his public defender argued that he did not intend to stay in the enclosure.

“Turns out that you can’t be charged with criminal trespass unless you occupy or otherwise live [in the space],” said Bob Jenkins, the zoo’s vice president of institutional advancement.

Never mind that the trespasser had to be rescued, which endangered zookeepers and the bears, Jenkins said.

Shocked by the ruling, Elsbernd said the legislative branch needed to step in and “correct problems presented by the judicial branch.”

The current city law does not do enough to deter or hold accountable those who stupidly mingle with wildlife, Elsbernd said.

The problem is not new, particularly at San Francisco Zoo.

No one can forget the 2007 Christmas Day tiger attack in which one of the animals leapt from its grotto and mauled three victims, killing one. Rumors swirled that the tiger had been taunted prior to the attack.

The following year, a patron was caught tossing acorns at a rhinoceros. And later that year, a man was caught climbing the fence of the black rhino enclosure.

And those are only incidents in which violators were caught.

The incidents “indicate a need to make sure we have ordinances on the books that allow for appropriate penalties,” said Jim Lazarus, president of the Recreation and Park Commission.

Elsbernd’s ordinance “makes [entering into zoo enclosures] outright illegal,” and “confirms that it is a misdemeanor and accentuates the penalties,” Jenkins said.

“It’s specific to the city of San Francisco and eliminates any confusion,” he said.

The legislation is expected to be heard by the City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee as early as next month

article source

Thank you to Sean Elsbernd! Finally someone with some sense to realize the laws were crap regarding protecting these animals. I am a frequent Zoo visitor (at least three times a week)and am constantly approaching people and calling security on people who are disturbing the animals. Who are these people and why do they come to an animal park if they are going to harass the residents? Its disgusting. The outcome of the trial re the grissly incident was outrageous. That judge and jury need a mental and moral adjustment. Those innocent sister bears could have lost their lives becuz of some evil idiot. if only this law could be retroactive.

Monday, January 4, 2010

get well harry!

i read last eve that harry the penguin is very ill. please say a prayer and send good wishes his way! my thoughts are with you harry! ... harry made the news in 2009 for being in a same sex relationship with pepper, then changing his mind and relationing with linda! i guess everyone loves them some harry! get well soon, they are probably missing you on the island! ... updated 1.13.10 news from the zoo via twitter "Not out of the woods yet, but appetite and energy level are normal & we continue to see day-to-day improvement!" yea harry! get well soon! ... i have also read that one of the ostriches has been sick. my tweet for an update has gone unanswered. will update when there is one. send good wishes to all animals, even those who aren't ill zoo friends, but a special wish for those who are.

cublets first snow adventure!

if you are a fan of skylar and bali's cubs and have been following their adventures in life, here are photos of these beautiful babies enjoying their first snow fall in their new home at the akron zoo! my favorites are the one with all three of them with their heads on each other. incredibly precious! and the one of a cublet peeking out at the snow at what could be snow at first sight! .so cute! i miss these boys! ... photos are courtesy of machelle, guest services assistant manager extraordinaire! ... if you are on facebook, please visit the akron zoo site and become a fan and follow the cubs journey. akron zoo also uses a cublet as their twitter profile pic!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

black and white lions?

today felt like a black and white day, even though it was sunny out. i first took some pix of my kitten and then went to the zoo and took some pic of bigger cats! ... amanzi and jahari look out from the grotto as they spot keeper barb passing by. tunya was full of yawns as he lounged in the sun waiting to go into the lion house and catch a glimpse of his new girlfriend. the last one of tunya is my fav. he just looks so cute, like a big sleepy ragdoll and those cute ears!

winter on the farm!

the last day of the zoo's winter goes wild event brought mini snomen and presents to the barnyard buddies! this was the first time the goats and sheep have gotten this type of enrichment so when they were first let out for their morning stampede from their night quarters to the yard, they looked at the obstacle course of goods and was like "whoa, what is that?" then they took off in little groups to investigate. it was very cute! i love these friends and it was fun to see them experience something new. ... gandolf and merlin (alpacas) watch as the sheeps and goats run toward the yard. ginger went right for a mini snoman. she seemed to really like eating the snow! the pic is cute, but i had the flash on accidentally so its a little brighter than is best, but it still captures her moment! her daughter nutmeg had at a couple boxes and walked away with some green and blue paint on her horns abit peacock-ish! that giraffe box with a goats head in it was made by a friend who attended the make enrichment event on member's morning!

Friday, January 1, 2010


please check the posts "new lioness in the house" and "kimani update". i have added to them since the original posting.