Tuesday, January 26, 2010

january birthdays!

camilla and tunya weren't the only residents celebrating birthdays this month. i appologize to all the residents whose birthdays were not individually posted here. some i was there on the day or day about and blew a wish out to you. some i missed. i'm sorry. ... i have a birthday celebration plan that i pitched to the zoo director but got no reply. having been a small unofficial part of both cobby and padang's birthdays in 2009, there was proof that the public likes birthday celebrations. i hope at some point i can help the zoo remember and celebrate all the residents birthdays, because not only should no one's birthday go unrecognized, without these special animals, there would be no zoo.

january birthdays

1st- elly, sureshot, kachina, kiona, sassafras
3rd- monifa
4th- amanzi
26th- camilla, tunya

if you want to know when your favorite residents birthday is, please check the calendar tab on the supplement photo site. i will be updating it with all the birthday info i have, at least a month in advance.

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