Saturday, January 23, 2010

love is in the air!

the sun was shining at the zoo today and the friends were out enjoying it. ... got this snap of jahari showing amanzi some love! she actually initiated it but out of a series of three, this was the best capture (you can see her tongue tucking in after giving him a kiss)! sooo cute! ... tallulah was wrapped in a blanket sleeping in the sun with cobby beside her. it even looked like they were holding hands! i took some pix, but with the new path barriers the zoo has constructed, they are just too far away :( i suspect these two are sweet on each other as i once witnessed her take his chin in her hand, lean over and kiss him! sooo sweet! i was so taken with it that i missed getting a pic of it, but that's what memories are for and the zoo friends provide many moments to remember.

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