Monday, January 18, 2010

more photos of the friends

if you wanna rock like my kitten (seen here approving the new photo site!), please make sure to follow the link on the left sidebar to view more of my photos of the zoo friends. these are photos that i previously had on different photo hosting sites and i have now combined them onto one page, that is titled to reflect the blog name. ... i will also add pix weekly from my visits as well as some gems from the past. ... if anyone has online photo albums of your sfzoo visit(s) and would like to be linked from my photo site, please provide me the link by leaving a message in the visitor comment section on the photo site. ... hope everyone enjoys this supplemental feature to my blog!


  1. He is so cute!!! is he helping with the blog!!!

  2. i know! he loves to sit here at the computer, ever since he was a tiny boy! now he's getting big, but with the new monitor there's been more room to accomodate his growing!