Sunday, January 3, 2010

winter on the farm!

the last day of the zoo's winter goes wild event brought mini snomen and presents to the barnyard buddies! this was the first time the goats and sheep have gotten this type of enrichment so when they were first let out for their morning stampede from their night quarters to the yard, they looked at the obstacle course of goods and was like "whoa, what is that?" then they took off in little groups to investigate. it was very cute! i love these friends and it was fun to see them experience something new. ... gandolf and merlin (alpacas) watch as the sheeps and goats run toward the yard. ginger went right for a mini snoman. she seemed to really like eating the snow! the pic is cute, but i had the flash on accidentally so its a little brighter than is best, but it still captures her moment! her daughter nutmeg had at a couple boxes and walked away with some green and blue paint on her horns abit peacock-ish! that giraffe box with a goats head in it was made by a friend who attended the make enrichment event on member's morning!

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