Tuesday, January 26, 2010

happy birthday camilla and tunya!

celebrating her first birthday today! camilla was the first of two reticulated giraffe calf's born in 2009. she is the daughter of mama bititi and papa sam. her half brother niklas (his mama is carolina) was born three months after her, but she is still the tiniest giraffe on the savannah. ... january 26 also marks african lion tunya's thirteenth birthday! tunya came to the sfzoo as a cub in 1997. he currently is rooming solo, rotating the enclosure with his new companion, sukari. they will be cohabitating as soon as the keepers feel they are ready. ... happy birthday to you both! i wish the weather was better for a visit! hope you both get some special bday treats! ... photo of sam giving five day old camilla a kiss! ... one of my fav early photos of tunya i took on my birthday!


  1. Happy happy birthday to my fave little girl!! Camilla holds a very special place in my heart, and I am really hoping that I get to share some birthday treats with her today!! And, happy birthday to Mr. Handsome (Tunya), and hoping he gets to move in with his new lady friend soon!! <3 Thanks so much for sharing the birthday info Kim!!

  2. your welcome nica! i'm glad there are others who enjoy the residents birthdays like i do! ... thankx for reminding me it was camilla's! ... i sometimes call tunya mr handsome too! he just is!