Thursday, January 28, 2010

yesteryday's lovely big cats

captured some nice ones of the big cats yesterday in between visiting the friends and crime bustin'! ... more lions kisses! amanzi is just all over her sweetie jahari. i was right at the window and love this mass of mane and tongue! ... tony and his reflection in his pond. i love refelctions, shadows, ect. ... padang walking towards me against the bamboo. i love when i can get fav foliage in snaps!


  1. Great shot of precious Tony and awesome Padang!!! Two of the best senior citizens around bar none !!! Tony is a big loveable sweetheart and Padang..... she is a mighty
    tigress queen. Tony with the reflection is really cool. Padang in a natural bamboo setting is how she would be in the wild. There is a wildness look about Paddy.