Sunday, January 3, 2010

black and white lions?

today felt like a black and white day, even though it was sunny out. i first took some pix of my kitten and then went to the zoo and took some pic of bigger cats! ... amanzi and jahari look out from the grotto as they spot keeper barb passing by. tunya was full of yawns as he lounged in the sun waiting to go into the lion house and catch a glimpse of his new girlfriend. the last one of tunya is my fav. he just looks so cute, like a big sleepy ragdoll and those cute ears!


  1. Amanzi at Jahari's side... they are incredible and very gorgeous cats. I loved being at the zoo today and getting to see them. Tunya...well what can I say about Tunya???? I absolutely love him!!! He's magnificent and silly at the same time. He always makes my day!!!

  2. Omg!! LOVE those pics!! Especially the ones of Tunya!! Soooooo cute!! And, that satisfied look after such a big yawn!! Love it!!