Thursday, January 21, 2010

friends laying low during the storm

the zoo posted yesterday via twitter that the chimps "were inside under blankets watching the movie shark tales." i asked if "they have the attention spam to watch a movie all the way thru?" and "if they talk to each other during the movie?" the zoo answered this today, "Cobby was watching the movie, Tallulah was reading the others were snacking." thankx to the zoo for this info! paints a very cute picture in my mind! i wish i could have seen this scene. these friends are so special. ... the zoo also noted that they are painting and playing with other enrichment items.


  1. Happy Birthday Cammy!!! Can't believe you are already a year old......BIG KISSES..... and now.....drummmmmm rollllll.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY my precious Tunya !!! You are the reason I fell in love with the zoo. You are silly, gruff, scruffy, magnificent, gorgeous, proud,and a real character!!! Love Ya Tunya....Happy Birthday and many more!!!

  2. here's your birthday comment! i couldn't figure out why it wasn't showing up under the bday post! glad it got published and i didn't hit a wrong button! ... i know i can't beleive her and niklas are going to be one already! ... i remember tunya, amanzi and kita when they first came here, ilke it wasn't thirteen yrs ago! many more to them all!