Monday, January 4, 2010

get well harry!

i read last eve that harry the penguin is very ill. please say a prayer and send good wishes his way! my thoughts are with you harry! ... harry made the news in 2009 for being in a same sex relationship with pepper, then changing his mind and relationing with linda! i guess everyone loves them some harry! get well soon, they are probably missing you on the island! ... updated 1.13.10 news from the zoo via twitter "Not out of the woods yet, but appetite and energy level are normal & we continue to see day-to-day improvement!" yea harry! get well soon! ... i have also read that one of the ostriches has been sick. my tweet for an update has gone unanswered. will update when there is one. send good wishes to all animals, even those who aren't ill zoo friends, but a special wish for those who are.


  1. Get well quick adorable Harry and Ostrich friend!!!!