Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fall for cublets!


Kami Sambol

Burung and Kami Sambol

in corresponding with machelle from the akron zoo, she sent me a pic from halloween. i love animals and pumpkins, the boo at the zoo events are always a favorite of mine. i asked her if she had anymore with pumpkins and she sent me these great snaps of our boys! there's even some cute tongue action! they are too adorable. i love seeing still hanging out together. ... at the time, i had looked at online sources including flickr and never found any, so these exclusives are a treat! thankx again machelle, you rock!


  1. I miss these beautiful boys so much !!! They are such of mix of George and LeAnne. LeAnne was the perfect Mom for these boys. It was always a special time seeing her round them up and wake 'em for play time. I know she misses them too !!! I am so glad these gorgeous boys are together !!! Miss you cublets lots!!!

  2. aren't they pudg-a-licious?! ... she was a great mom! i went thru some pix today that i took of them when they were babies and found some heartwarming photos of leanne and the boys. made me tear up. she does miss them. she seems bored now. ... i too am happy they are someplace they can be together. the pix show that they are still very much connected.