Saturday, August 21, 2010

we got em', flamingo chicks!

i was told by a keeper on thursday that two of the ten ( i think) eggs had, i forget the term he used, pinned/pinged? (the day before) which means they had just broken the shell in preparation to emerge from the egg. from then, it should be about two days before the chick will fully hatch. that put babies for friday. the flamingos were my first stop today, as i must see babies! and yippee! i got to see one for a bit before the parent say down to cover it. this one i saw well is the one on the front nest, but there is another one the back nest, that i caught a glimpse of on the way out. ... these are the first baby flamingos since 2003 (i believe), and first i've ever seen! so pretty exciting! welcome precious cuties! ... check the photosite (link at left) for more pix, including updated photos of them at five days and another new baby!

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