Thursday, December 16, 2010

sorry, there will be no further updates

i am sorry for not updating this site since august. i have been conflicted whether or not to continue to update and have decided not to.

i love my zoo friends and will continue to post photos of their cuteness on my shutterfly photo site (link on left bar), but i feel my original mission to educate and endear people to the animal residents only, helps an organization who doesn't see the need for such help. zoo management does not value this kind of outreach and has never acknowledged what i've tried to do here. i still feel my mission is desperately needed for the zoo to thrive, but the zoo has a staff who should be facilitating this aspect of outreach.

do not misinterpret, i still love these animals and visit them at least 3 times a week. if anyone who follows this blog has any questions about an animal, you can contact me thru this website and i will be happy to answer your questions.

thank you to all the visitors to this blog. viva goober and all his friends! i love you!

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