Saturday, July 4, 2009


tallulah is my favorite chimp, and one of my top zoo fav's. like goober and ulu, she has a personality that shines. all the chimps have personality, but there's something about tallulah. i think i was first drawn to her when i saw her reading a magazine! i thought i love her, she loves magazines too! i was told that her fav kind are fashion and food. she is also very into material, bedding, clothing,... she can be seen wrapped up in a sheet sleeping in the sun whenever she has the opportunity. one day she had a bandanna and she was holding it, then all of a sudden took it and blotted her brow. the keeper told me it was his and that when she saw him with it earlier she motioned to have it. he gave it to her. she brought it outside with her and then mimicked what she'd seen him do with it earlier. she's a smart one miss tallulah! i've also seen her claim a tutu that was part of enrichment and lay out a sheet perfectly on the ground as if she was about to have a picnic. she was a pet before coming to the sfzoo, so that probably explains some of her likes and behavior. ... you can tell which one she is by her face which is darker than the other three and really has a different look to it as well. she was the model for the star wars character yoda. the folks from lucasfilm came to the zoo to sketch her before making the initial model. she was wild born, caught and brought to the states. her birthday is celebrated 4.24.55, which made her 54 this year! ... i have learned that tallulah came to the sfzoo in 1967, making her the oldest sfzoo resident!

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