Sunday, July 5, 2009

streets zoo locations, current view

were you able to figure out what parts of the zoo they shot in? here are some "now" photos of the "then" locations. ... clip one- gas station (no longer) at corner of fulton and 7th ave. ... clip two- zoo locations. the area where the police cars were parked is where the flamingos are now. wide shot of same scene is in area of old monkey cages which now house birds (located across from the chimps north grotto). the front cage the shows monkeys swinging now houses parrotts. the character being chased stops in front of the north chimp grotto where the corner turns to the right. the map is no longer there, either is the eating area across from it. there is now a snack stand that borders the koalas. when they take off running they route down long the pond toward the kangaroos, then circle around monkey island, and down the path from the otters (not there at the time) past camels (not there now). chase continues down path between big cat grotto's and giraffes. big cat grotto's still there, but giraffes have moved and new rhino enclosure is under construction. chase ends at the end of the giraffe enclosure, which now houses the giant eland although the path ends to public access, where at one time it was accessible and i think was the area where the medium cat cages were. ... stay tuned for current photos of the locations.

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