Wednesday, July 1, 2009


past penguin island across from the lion house lives gauhati. he is goobers neighbor. gauhati is a fourteen year old (birthdate 5.25.95) asian rhino, also known as the great indian rhino. he lives in the space that used to house calle and tinkerbelle the asian elephants. often i hear people say "what happened to his horn?" there's a sign there explaining, but people often pass it up. the answer is, he rubs it down. he can have a horn if he wants, he just chooses not to! he rolls gauhati style!

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  1. Ok, I am saying it...Rhinos can be cute. Gauhati is proof of that. He's handsome and has "attitude".... It's incredible how he blends into the rocks and waterfall in his exhibit. When it's close to dinner time, he is in full attitude and charges that gate!!! He is a magnificent animal.