Tuesday, July 21, 2009

its all in the family!

i've been doing zoo history and resident research for over a year now. after posting the cublet update i thought i'd post some links to cool sites i've found with some great photos and/or info, for those who are interested in knowing more about the families of the zoo residents.

*the pic above is of our george's (bali) brother java. he lives at the point defiance zoo in tacoma. he lives with a female named jaya, but they haven't had babies yet. he looks like his brother!

*video of george's sister delta's newest cubs (they look so much like their cousins!) born at the san deigo zoo.

*pix of two and a half yr old kemala and rojo, taken at the topeka zoo. they are two of delta's three (including sari) cub first litter, born at the san deigo zoo.

*more of delta's first litter, while they were still living at the san deigo zoo.

*cute pix of leanne (skylar) and her siblings, chelsea and kougra when they were cubs, plus one of chelsea and their mama, while still living at the toronto zoo.


  1. Bali is actually moving to the Point Defiant Zoo some time soon not sure when. I have not had a chance to talk to Barb lately but one of the other keepers told me about the move. Bali's brother Java was supposed to be Jayas mate but a few years back he tried to kill Jaya and they had not tried to put them back together after that happened. Since Bali is moving to the same zoo his brother Java is at it looks like they are planning on Bali being Jayas new mate.

  2. thankx for the correction, point versus port! i think i heard it from someone verbally as port, and when i went to the website and even corresponded with the zoo, i never noticed it was point! weeks ago barb said they wanted him soon, but the other day alison said it could be btwn now and two months. ... thankx for the mating update! i guess george (bali) and java's genetics are a great match to jaya's. they want this to happen!

  3. Yeah I was told that Bali's genes is in great demand. The Point Defiant Zoo was really upset when Java attacked Jaya because the match was needed to help with the Sumatrans. I guess because our zoo is getting really over crowded at this moment they felt it was best that Bali take over Javas place for Jaya since they share the same genes and Java is too much of a risk to try to put back together with Jaya. I have some friends that will be photographing Bali after he leaves the SF Zoo and joins the Point Defiance Zoo Family. In September I will be going down to San Diego and I am excited to finally see Bali and Java's sister Delta and hopefully get a glimpse at Utan her mate. When I first started going to the SF Zoo Utan was living with Padang and I became really attached to him and was sad to see him go but when I heard he was Delta's mate that was totally exciting for me so I'm really looking forward to seeing him again and meeting her finally :)

  4. wow! great info! thankx for posting it. its cool someone else has an interest in following the family members too. ... that is too bad about java and def got to be the reason why bali is going there. barb said he was number one on the ssp list for his (sumantran) genetics. ... i didn't know about utan. the only other big cat i remember (outside of the current residents) is prince charles. i just didn't get to know them or their names. its something i regret.