Wednesday, July 22, 2009

its all in the family pt 2

yesterday's post was mostly about george and leanne's family, except for one bit i was going to put in about tatiana's. i decided to make it a separate post since last night i got abit more info and i know there are alot of tatiana fans and supporters out there. mostly, tatiana deserves her own post. ... first two photo's above are of tatiana's brother waldemere and his new girlfriend koshka. you can see tatiana when you look at him as i think they have the same eyes. and in this photo the same pose i have in a photo of tatiana. he is beautiful! in some pix he looks fluffier than a siberian, but then you see his big arms and know he's all siberian! she is gorgeous and huge! this is one massive cat!... waldemere still lives at the denver zoo where he, tatiana, and their sister mariette were born in june 2003. their parents still live there as well, but i hear they are not on exhibit. (edit note: sadly mama katrina passed away a couple yrs ago.) mariette lives at the louisville zoo. they call her etta and her photo (courtesy of lousiville zoo) is the last one. she looks alot like brother waldemere and like him, abit sumantran. she hasn't had any babies. koshka came to denver from beardsley zoo in connecticut. she is on breeding loan so hopefully they will have babies and carry on his and tatiana's lineage! ... thankx to connie for the pix and the koshka info! you can see more photos @


  1. That is a great write up on my boy Waldemere and his new girlfriend Koshka. Thanks! I do have some sad news though. Waldemere's mother passed almost two years ago...but his father is still at the Denver Zoo, off exhibit. To my knowledge, Waldemere and Koshka have not mated yet...but we all have our fingers crossed!

    Koshka's brother, Viktor, is now at the Detroit Zoo...waiting patiently to breed with his lady friend, Kisa.

    I love your blog.

  2. thankx for the kudos! sad to hear about their mama, katrina (i believe). i guess info i had was not up to date. good to have the update, even if its sad. maybe her and tatiana are having a nice after life together. ... i love that you love your zoo friends too!