Wednesday, July 1, 2009

porky and bess

porky and bess are a mated pair of warthogs. they came to the sfzoo at the same time (when they were a year old) when the zoo opened its new warthog exhibit in 1996, porky from little rock and bess from san diego. i remember when they were youngin's running about the place. they've gotten a bit hairier and grew some tusks, but are still pretty cute! for their species they are considered seniors, but they are mostly always up and about , rootin' in their area or laying in the sun. i love their feet cuz it looks like they are wearing high heels. ... they live across from gene and elly.

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  1. These two are masters of cammoflage.... A friend and I stopped to visit these two yesterday and took us five minutes to notice they were napping right in front of us!!! They have a really nice habitat...don't miss these two on your rounds of the zoo!!!