Saturday, July 4, 2009


the grizzly girls are prob the most recent big animal rescue for the zoo. the oldest would be the two wild born chimpanzees.

cobby is the only male. he was born in the wild and captured for pet and entertainment purposes. he had his own tv show called cobby's hobby's, before coming to the sfzoo to live. he celebrates his birthday on 7.10 and being born in 1958, this year (next week) marks cobby's 50th birthday! you can tell which one cobby is as he is the biggest and has the most white hair around his face. i'm told that cobby is very meticulous about his sleeping area and will make a new bed every night. he gathers up all his bedding materials and makes a comfy mound and tucks in the whole sheet around it so it perfect. one keeper also relayed a cute and funny story, that once cobby was motioning a lot and when the keeper looked to see what the fuss was about, he was pointing to a spider. after the girls saw the spider they started wiping their bodies frantically as if "get it off me!" we can all relate to that! ... i have learned that the date listed is an estimate of when cobby may have been born. his actual age is probably even a few years older than that. he came to the sfzoo in 1968 at approx ten years old. that makes him the second oldest resident at the sfzoo!

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