Monday, July 6, 2009


i think the streets giraffe scene is the perfect lead in ...

still very bummed that my boy bulldozer has gone to safari west, but we still got two babies on the savanna. the giraffe family is gorgeous to watch. they are so graceful and attentive, making eye contact if you get a chance to be that close. i miss that there are no longer public feedings on member night. that was one of my favorite life experiences. i wish i could have had some face time with dozer before he left ;(

the family is one male, floyd (given name samson, called sam). floyd is papa to all the babies in recent years! he is quite the romeo and sometimes has to be separated from the girls to give them a break! there always seem to be baby giraffes, so floyd obviously knows how to get the job done! floyd came to sfzoo from albuquerque where he was born on 6.11.02 you can tell floyd as he is a big guy! ... mama to bulldozer and current resident baby girl camilla is bititi. she came to sfzoo from oakland where she was born on 5.11.03 you can tell bititi from the small bump she has on her left hind area. ... mama to current resident baby boy niklas is kristin (given name carolina). krisitn came to sfzoo from ohio where she was born 4.13.02 you can tell kristen from the marks that look like surface cut scars on her left (i think) stomach area. this is how i tell them apart. telling the babies apart is easy for now as camilla is still abit taller than her baby half brother. photos are sam, bititi and camilla, kristin and niklas

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  1. I love the Giraffe's...they are beautiful, peaceful and graceful to watch. Bititi is my favorite and she is one to make eye contact with those huge and gorgeous eyes. They make the savannah such a relaxing and special place to roam thru. I find I enjoy it more at the end of the day, a nice way to unwind.