Thursday, July 2, 2009


ulu is wishbone and annie's neighbor. i love this (polar) bear!  she has access to both her own concrete grotto and the one adjacent that has grass. she can be seen having quite a time in either (she's the only bear i've actually seen in a pool), but she seems happiest when she is digging in the dirt or munching on her grass. last summer she dug a huge hole in the center that rivaled that of her pool. she has been looking pretty white these days, but most times she is a dirty girl and i've heard people walk by and say "what kind of bear is that?" hahaha, she just smiles at them, and replies "i'm a happy bear!" ... ulu will be 29 this year, celebrating her birthday on 12.19.80. she came here from her birthplace of churchill canada in 1984, as a rescue (alternative to being destroyed) after spending some time in "bear jail" there for trouble making in town. she is wild born and that is why she is housed solo. there are still talks of introducing her to her neighboring polars (both zoo born), but that's a big task as if there's any sign of aggression, who will step in to separate a rumble between 600 lb bears?


  1. Ulu is beyond precious and awesome. She's one of my adopted zoo animals. She's pretty incredible and fun to watch. She seems to be a very happy Polar Bear and I can't visit the zoo without saying HI ULU BEAR to her. This gal loves to swim and it's fun to watch her. She's like a little kid enjoying a dip in the pool, minus the water wings...she doesnt need 'em!!! She loves her digging and loves her meadow too!!! Everyone should get a chance to meet Ulu.

  2. i call her ulu bear too! i wish they still had the behind the scenes part of member nights. once i was actually able to "meet" one of the polars. wish i knew then who's face was about two feet from mine! awesome experience!