Sunday, July 5, 2009

the streets of san francisco on location at the sfzoo

during the second season of the tv series, the streets of san francisco, the episode "the victims" (original air date 11.29.73) was shot partially on location at the sfzoo. streets is my absolute favorite tv show for alot of reasons, you could say i'm slightly obsessed! i love my city, sf history and the zoo, could this be anymore perfect? streets has preserved a time that i think showcases what san francisco is all about. unfortunately a time that's very much in the past now. ... when i found there was an episode filmed at the zoo i dug into my archives and watched it. either i had never seen it or hadn't in a very long time. here's a clip (i shot off tv using a flip video camera) see if you can recognize any of the zoo locations of the past.


  1. Awesome video of my favorite cop show of all time and my favorite place...the zoo!!! I remember this episode. The zoo sure has come a long way since the 1970's but I remember it that way when I visited as a teen. Thank you for bringing this wonderful nostalgic view of our wonderful zoo and a great 'ole tv show !!!

  2. It would be cool to have a sign showing Street of SF filmed.

  3. your welcome! i love streets soooo much! i'm always happy to hear others do too! ... a sign in the chimp area where most of the scenes were filmed would be cool, maybe with screen caps. i'm all about documenting history.