Wednesday, July 1, 2009


orkney is a grey seal. he's goobers other neighbor. orkney came to the sfzoo in 1970, when he was one year old. at almost 40, he is definitely one of the senior residents, but aside from failing eyesight is in great health! his home is being remodeled right now, but he can still sometimes be seen swimming in his pool or laying the sun. lately he has been more active than i've ever seen him, i think he likes the sounds of the renovation! ... added 4.24.10 > the above info is true in as much as i found it in research, BUT it is noted in official zoo info that his birthday is 6.1.62 which means orkney will celebrate his 48th bday in 2010!


  1. Orkney is a zoo ambassador in my opinion. He's been a long time resisdent and if you get the chance to see him, he's a sweetie. I recently got to watch him swim and eat a bucket of fish. He had a big smile on his face all the while. Orkney is a must see at the zoo.

  2. i love orkney and i wish the volunteers painting his home would get a move on! they've taken over a month to paint clouds and its begining to bother me!