Tuesday, May 11, 2010

wild pigs in the lion grottos!

amanzi and jahari pig out! jahari and amanzi were the ones to get the pigs. the keeper set one pink pig and one brown boar out. she put a blood sickle in each as their treat! they are always a joy to watch as they are always the most excited for stuff. its almost like when they go in (when the keeper then goes out to put stuff), they expect there to be a treat waiting and they come running out! they each carried theirs off to attack it lol! then after jahari went over to see what manzi was up to and as he sometimes does, tip toed around trying not to allert her lol! he wants a piece of checking out what she had, but she gets possessive and will sometimes tell him to back off! poor jarjar ;) it funny tho she too will abandon hers and try to chk out what he's had. i guess they both either want to smell the other after or just make sure they got the same! sillies! their pix will be in a following post and the complete series will be with leannes on the photosite. ... thankx again to barb!


  1. i love the sequence of jahari with the pig - fantastic! looks like great fun.

  2. It's always such a wonderfully special time to hang out with Jahari and Amanzi...I just love these two lions!!! They are an adorable "couple" and have great teamwork when it comes to attacking their prey !!! What a fun day and very special....always special thanks to the keeper, Barb who allows such fun and enjoys also !!!

  3. thankx BB! i do try to get "photo scenes" that will tell the series of the event.

    andie- they are funny huh? they do have team work but you can tell its not thought out before they scramble out of the LH! but they each go for a side then they switch after lol!