Sunday, May 2, 2010

tony's girls

from time to time i'll search online for random things about the zoo residents. i searched tony the other day as most can tell i love that big cat! i came across a great site made by a gal who is a longtime friend to the zoo and the big cats are one of her favs. she was a weekly regular before i was, so she got to know the residents then, the way i have now and her page about tony and his girls is precious! here are some of my fav pix, in the order they came into his life. tony and his sister emily. this photo is so sweet of the two of them standing side by side. i don't think i've even seen a picture that depicts her so clearly. its incredible to me how much alike they look. the way they are standing especially shows how their markings are almost exact on their heads and chest. even their faces. she's like a mini me of him! the photo is beautiful and brings tears to my eyes. ... tatiana. a great snap capturing her playful side. she looks so happy with her scented hay! that smile on her face is how everyone should remember her. ... tony and padang. i have tried to get a good clear capture of their mesh interaction since the day the window between them opened. i've seen them showing affection to one another many times, but never got a good one. this truly is the best one i've seen. they are precious together! my heart broke when tony lost his companion and then to find out this was the second one is heartbreaking. tigers are usually solitary but he has lived his whole life with a companion and then to not have one, just sad. it warms my heart that they have found each other.

thank you to hazel for letting me include her special photos on my blog. please visit her site to read her words and see more of her amazing pix!


  1. Tony is an incredible Tiger.... I just can't get enough of him, he's precious. Awesome photos of Tony and his "girls"... He and his precious sister...she's a mini-clone of him !!! and you can tell how they are's teamwork...unusual for Tigers, it's mostly a Lion thing. What can I say about's truly heartbreaking. She kept Tony young and they were incredible together. She was seemed to walk in front or guard his side...just as she guarded their home that fateful night. My heart still breaks. and..... what can I say about Tony and Padang? She's my gal and it's incredible and wonderful that they have found companionship in their senior years. If I had one wish, it would probably be to have Tony and Padang share a grotto.... I adore them. What awesome photos of precious Tony and his girls.

  2. great comments. he is so special its beyond words.