Thursday, May 20, 2010


yesterday i was lucky enough to get to meet inti the bobcat! i have a photo from several years ago that i have always had in mind and wondered "what happened to that bobcat?" cuz i haven't seen him in as long and even then it was from a distance as he wasn't on exhibit. then recently someone mentioned him and i realized he still lives at the zoo. he lives in the ARC behind the scenes area of the zoo. yesterday a docent friend who also volunteers in the ARC mentioned he was moving to a reserve up north and i asked if she could take me to see him. YES she can! (thankx jane!) what a beauty! and a sweetheart! very friendly, in fact when we walked away from him for a few to see some of the other animals who live back there, he followed us along the fencing like, "where are you going?" soooo cute! ... inti was born in captivity, 5.10.02 and was hand raised. he came to live at the zoo as a kitten. prior to the tatiana event he was able to be taken out of his fenced in area, but since has not been able to. just another negative effect in the wake of a situation caused by evil troublemakers. the move is possibly in response to that change so he can be in a place where his enclosure is bigger and he can run about and even meet other bobcats! i wish i had met him sooner, but would be sadder when he leaves if i had gotten to know him better. it was a treat to meet him and i hope to visit him again before his move. ... i took a bunch of pix of him, couldn't get enough! these are some of the best ones, though he's so gorgeous they are all good! the one where he's getting a snack, that's a bit of coconut!, the one that looks like he's getting cranky, is from a yawn in motion, and the belly in the air, tunyaman pose is precious! it was a flirty stretch and roll :) will upload the rest to the photosite soon.


  1. He is absolutely adorable adorable adorable adorable adorable adorable !!! What a cute bobcat !!! I'd like a chance to get to see him up close before he moves. I am glad though, that he will be going to a place that he can enjoy. In December it will already be 3 years since that horrible Christmas Day and still, there is a backlash from it.

  2. yes you have to meet him AND sassy! hopefully soon we will have another op like the one i had :)