Monday, May 31, 2010

happy birthday orkney!

who wouldn't want to wish the happiest seal out there a BIG happy birthday!? my friend hazel and i went to the zoo today to do just that! ... the list i have shows today being orkney's 48th bday, but theres a discrepancy between the list and what's posted at his enclosure. i talked with the keeper and he did indeed come to the zoo in 1970 at approx. one year old, so that would make him 41 today! the date, june 1st, might be the day he arrived. ... happy birthday orkney!!! i hope you got some special fishy treaties today! i love ya cutie! ... chk out the video clip i got of him today, having fun swimming in his pool! >

...would also like to mention three may birthdays that didn't get individual posts. all the residents are valued and deserve acknowledgment of their bdays! i just don't know these individuals well enough to know whether photos of their groups are indeed of them, my bad.

sauna, the female lion macaque, celebrated her 22nd birthday on may 14! ... winnie, the female patas monkey, turned 5 on may 22nd! ... kaliandrah, the female koala had her 10th birthday may 30th! ... happy belated birthday girls!

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  1. Happy Birthday precious Orkney !!! You are a sweetheart and I look forward to visiting you every Saturday!!! See you in a few days!!!!! I love you !!!