Monday, May 31, 2010

black and white

two pairs of gorgeous birds you will meet at the zoo are the black swans and the american white pelicans. the swans live on the west side of the pachyderm building. they are two females named sydney and sheila and they will greet you with a high pitched honk as you walk by! i am told by a keeper that they like seeing people, so i'm happy that this path was re-opened after being closed. my route is from the chimps down their path to the cats and its always nice to hear them greet me! ... the pelicans live on the pond just past the tropical aviary building. both are wild born and came to live at the zoo as rescues. angel who has been living at the zoo over forty years! is missing one wing and devil, who is nineteen, is missing part of a wing. they are never far from each other and one of the most beautiful sights is seeing them glide across the lake in the sun to their beach.

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