Friday, May 21, 2010


i first saw a photo of her online and was like what is that? (prehensile porcupine) and where can i see such cuteness?! since then i have been trying to meet sassafras for over a year! finally the other day when i got to go behind the scenes at the ARC i was able to! sassy lives in the ARC and is there when they are open to the public which is usually only 1p-2p on the weekends. i've gone and she's either in her little hut or out for a show or in the zoo mobile. i caught a glimpse of her from afar twice last summer, but this time i got to see her cuteness face to face! she is precious! its that nose, she is just adorable! she was having some nice coconut treats and was quite content with anything while that was part of the deal :) ... thankx to al for bringing her out!

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  1. Sassy is adorable!!! I need to plan an ARC trip to meet her. She's so unusual from other porcupines......