Sunday, May 2, 2010


i made 3 groovy balls (paper mache) and lucky i got to see one being used during yesterdays visit! first the keeper tried to see if sunfish the male fishing cat would be into it, but he just took a sniff and a lick and continued outside. no worries cause it was now free to go to tony! i'm good with any of the cats getting the enrichment of my crafts, but i did make at least one intended for tony, since i think he needs extra stimulation, so i was happy to get to see if tony liked it! he seems to love the paper mache balls. he's had three so far! birthday 18 ball, an easter egg and now the groovy ball! he was napping, so when the keeper put it in the neighboring room, he woke up and went right in. first passing it and going straight to her, then circling back and giving it a sniff, then picking it up with his teeth and tossing a bit a few times! it makes me smile to see him get a break from his day and have something different to play with for a few minutes. that stimulation is really important for him, especially since he's been inside while his yard is being renovated. he will rotate the new yard with padang and it will have adjustments made to reflect their needs as senior cats, one being that they won't have access to the moat. look for tony and padang to be back out in their yard hopefully this coming week! ... thankx to keeper debbie! ... pix of the groovy ball with fishing cat came out blurry, here is one of the keeper showing it to sunfish, and the others are of tony!

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