Thursday, May 13, 2010

happy birthday pescita!

today was the female river otter's birthday! i brought a couple coconuts by and the bday girl, pescita and her mate trent, enjoyed playing with them, in and out of the water! the keeper said she had given them coconuts before and they like trying to hold them under water ;) they float, so i figure they will get alot of use out of them! after they had played a bit they went back on land and wrestled about! sooo cute! it always looks to me like a wrestle/cuddle/kiss fest all in one! the keeper told me that after they get a new toy they always wrestle lol! ... i had seen a zoo animal enrichment video online and saw otters with them and thought it would be a fun treat to celebrate the day. thankx to keeper hilary for thinking so too and tossing them in so i could watch them play! happy birthday pescita! ... i rarely get good snaps of these two as they are so fast, but i did pretty good today and also took video! the first pic is of pescita, the second is trent, the one with the coconut i forgot and i didn't know who was peeking from the hammock sack but it was super cute!

see the video >


  1. Wonderful shots of this hard-to-photograph pair. Looks like a fun time for all!

  2. thankx! my fav is the last one where one of them is peeking out like its making pirate sounds!