Tuesday, May 11, 2010


first, i missed a timely post yesterday wishing george a happy birthday! even though georgie has moved to point defiance zoo, he is not forgotten by his zoobie friends! i sent him a card with wishes from andiecatt and i. i love and miss you georgie and think about you often! ... today was bititi's birthday! friends and i were lucky that the keeper let us feed her and her giraffe family! we brought nanners and apples. bititi was sure making the most of the celebration and had a ton of treats! glad to be a part of making your birthday special! happy birthday bititi! ... thankx to nica for texting me it was a go, to bob for taking pix, and to keeper nancy for letting us have a giraffe party! being able to feed giraffes is always a special and an amazing experience! ... pix of me and nica feeding the birthday girl, nica giving bday girl a kiss and of me feeding my fav little giraffe boy nik!

you can now view zoo friends birthdates on the calendar page of the photosite! i put the ones for may in and hope to keep up in a timely manner, so you can check each month for your fav zoo friends bday! residents are listed by name, so expand to "list" to view which animal and the year they were born. http://gooberssfzoofriends.shutterfly.com/calendar

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