Wednesday, May 19, 2010

happy birthday ming wah and rigel!

today was the female snow leopard ming wah's eighteenth birthday! i made some birthday themed enrichment prizes for both her and the male snow leopard rigel. the information i had didn't have rigel's birthday listed, but i found out last week that his bday was in april. so i combined the celebration to include them both! i was lucky that the keeper put stuff out while i was there so i could see ming wah get the goods! she and rigel share the enclosure but not at the same time. she is out during the day and rigel has access in the evening. ... ming came out and went right for the popper! a party favor painted with balloons that the keeper put food in. then she sat down and stared at rigel as each other is visible from yard to night quarters. after about a half hour she jumped down to get some water and spotted the paper mache cupcake. she went for it, it was scented and also had food inside. she rubbed her face on it a bit and was done. it was time for a nap! when i returned about an hour later the cupcake was on its side, so it got more action at some point ;) ... some kids even sang happy birthday to her! ... my fav pic if the one of her showing her teeth (i think it was part of a yawn)! i just love her expression there :) ... hope you enjoyed your birthday fun ming wah and rigel! happy happy bday! to you both! ... thankx to hilary for putting out the goods!


  1. As always, a fun time at the zoo we can all enjoy thanks to your wonderful pics and commentary. I loooove the cupcake! and it looks like Ming Wah really enjoyed her birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday, Ming Wah! It sure looks like you had a great birthday and celebrated in style.

  3. thankx for putting it that way birdbuddy! i love that the blog is a way for folks to visit the zoo virutally!

    thankx patti for visiting and your first comment!