Sunday, May 16, 2010

lions versus bugs!

it was enrichment crafts out again yesterday in the lion grottos! my friend andiecatt brought some big bugs, which look like fantastical ladybugs, but she calls beetles. these paper mache bugs were put out for amanzi and jahari with their blood sickle treat inside! i was on amanzi's side, and only got pix of jahari when he came over after to make sure she didn't leave anything lol! andiecatt said jahari approached his with the plan to snatch it and take off with it! which explains why all i got when i pointed my camera in his direction was blurry mane and something orange (his beetle in motion!). amanzi gave it a sniff and then smashed the shell and settled in! she sat there the whole time, mostly with her face buried in the bug, and then enjoying every last piece of blood icee that spilled out on her hot rock! ... thankx as always to barb! ... many cute captures, i love them all! her face inside with the bug eyes peeking over her arm, tongue out with the two pawed grip, her head stuck in the bug body, tongue out faces side by side, its all cute! ... chk the photosite for more! >

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