Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tiger fun in the LH!

it was a busy weekend and i'm just now getting to blogging about it. ... my friend andiecatt and i again brought enrichment crafts for the cats. both stuff for the biggin's and for the smaller ones. stuff to use whenever the keeper thinks the cats need some special enrichment, but its always fun to watch them enjoy something you've made! andie outdid herself and me but making stand up pigs and boars! they looked fantastic! we both also brought some mache balls and some other small items. ... the keeper first gave leanne a ball scented with perfume. this was the first time we'd see leanne have a mache ball and she loved it! more than loved it! she reacted to it with more zest than any of the other cats have. at first she didn't really go after it and we thought huh maybe not her thing, but then she went back for it, split it open and rubbed her face all in it! she was just like a house cat with catnip. even bunny feet butting it! it was great to watch her having so much fun! i picked the pix that seemed to show the best of what she did, although check the photosite in a few days i'll post all the pix and there are some great ones that her facial expression is really cute! ... also pic'd here is one of tony when we first showed up with his arm up and his back to the fresh air and front to the fan lol! so cute! and great to see him have access now to the revamped yard! and another of him checking out his ball, but he passed it up for food and didn't go back to it while we were there. i have no doubt he did at some point as he loves the balls (this would be his third), but i'd rather see him eat all his food than go for the ball. its enough to know he has it when he feels he wants to give it a go. ... the complete series will be with amanzi and jahari's pix on the photosite. .. thankx again to barb!


  1. LeAnne was hilarious with her bunny kicks on that ball....she truly was just having the best time. I am so thankful Mr.Tony has his yard again. He loves his balls but was reserving his strength.... I know that later that evening he grabbed it....he's has a kitten's spirit!!! Was such a pleasure watching these two incredible tigers....love them !!!

  2. she was hilarious and joyous to watch! ... its more than wonderful to see tony laying in the sun on the grass! he could careless if there's a fence, he just loves his yard!