Sunday, November 29, 2009

happy 20th birthday padang!

padang celebrated a milestone birthday today, turning the big 2-0! ... last week i was with follower andiecatt who gave padang's keeper barb two new blankets for her to give her today. thankx to barb! who had padang's area done up with her blankets layed out and some new toys and a big stuffed dog! all scented with spices and perfumes that are pleasing and interesting to her. she had a great time checking out all her prizes and loved the dog especially, carrying it to her bed for a tussle! hope you enjoyed your day padang! happy birthday and many more! ... these pix are screen caps from the video i took, since i didn't take any still photos. ... want to note that her gifts were set up indoors cause the weather has been unpredictable. she and the other big cats are not always behind bars. these are their night quarters in the lion house, which some cats have access to for a few hours during the day so visitors can get the opportunity to see these magnificent cats up close!


  1. I loved Padang's birthday today !!! and she loved my blankets!!! She actually walked straight into the enclosure and marked one of mine,lol....not sure if that was good or bad,lol...but I love this cat!!! She was talking a lot today too...I bet she knew it was her day !!! Awesome Padang...I loved sharing your special day....many more...... Love You!!!

  2. sorry to have missed Padang's big 2-0! Loved the photos and seeing her enjoy her gifts! You are simply wonderful.