Thursday, November 19, 2009

all about roo's

this is my first post about the kangaroo's that live at the zoo. i think i mentioned one that appeared last winter, in the "babies, babies, babies" post, but this is all about roo's. ... today i was lucky enough to see babies! one baby out with mama and the other at first with only its hind legs out of the pouch! the keeper said that since the babies are estimated to emerge from the pouch at six months, the one fully out is prob about seven months and the undecided one about six. after standing there quite sometime, the undecided one, decided to give mama a break and jumped out and about for a bit! they are both very cute, i wish they were alittle closer and my pix were alittle clearer of the undecided one. both are red kangaroo's, which there are twelve total, including two breeding females, the father and the offspring. the other walkabout residents are two female grey kangaroo's and a male/female pair of wallaroo's. ... i heard this about kangaroo's, but just thought it was a "capable of" thing, not something that is continuous, but kangaroo's can be in three different stages of motherhood at the same time. they can have one baby in the pouch, one newborn suckling in the pouch and one in utero. so since our two red females are breedable right now, they are constantly pregnant! mama to the seven month old male is a three time mama and the six month old is its mama's fifth! ... thankx to keeper heather for standing there in the gorgeous, but nippy weather to answer all my Qs!

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  1. Great photos and info on the Roos!!! The outback area is one of the most peaceful spots in the zoo...I know the peacocks love hanging out there too!!! The Roos just chill in the sun looking cute all day...very peaceful critters. What adorable faces!!!