Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dozer update!

this is my guy dozer! i've mentioned him once before, but til now he hadn't had his own post becuz he moved to safari west (near santa rosa) before i started this blog. bulldozer became my fav becuz we share a birthday, august 11. he was born in 2007 to mama bititi and papa sam. dozer was always fun to watch and his sweet disposition always shined thru! the last three pix of him are mine. you can see he had a girlfriend in one of the female kudu he lived in the savannah with. i was lucky to catch this sweet exchange between them. ... since his move i had tried (unsucessfully) via several emails to get an update and pic of him in his new home. finally someone answered my twitter tweet the other day and posted a pic (the cute tongue one!) on their facebook site. they had some others as well and said it was cool if i post some here, so thanks to safari west for the first three pix. you can see dozer is still sweet dozer! loving attention and being a sweet silly boy! he looks like he is getting along fine there, but i miss him all the time! he moved there so he would be able to have his own family one day. looking forward to visiting him and someday seeing baby dozer's! love ya dozer!


  1. There is nothing more special than Dozer slobber - we all love him. You gotta get up here to see him!!! Have you heard folktale of Twiga?

  2. i would love dozer kisses! i tried to get face time with him while he was still here, but the keeper (who's not there anymore!) said it would cost me two million dollars-POOP on him! its too bad cuz i know dozer loves people! i will def get there someday to see him! maybe i'll get kisses while there :) ... i actually saw the word "twiga" on your face book, but haven't investigated it. guess i should! thankx for the comment!