Sunday, November 22, 2009

video snips

here are some clips from video i took yesterday. i hope to eventually have all my zoo friends captured in action so i can dub the footage together and make a nice tape. i say tape cuz i'm using my old school technique of vcr to vcr! its the only way can do it for now with the equip i gotz! but it all works for me. anyway, i was able to feed the footage from yesterday to my imac imovie ap and catch these snips with the little memory my old imac has. i got some great stuff, so in this case, size doesn't matter! only thing is they run quick and not sure why ;( ... gauhati was out and about for hours lookng cute as can be while enjoying his morning grub! ... jahari was more interested in sniffing his hay than showing his face, but he gave us a bit! ... ulu was in her meadow and happy as can be! ... goober was chowing on his alfalfa and when he was done made his cutest goober faces!


  1. Love the was wonderful seeing Ghauhati out all day yesterday...The weather must have totally agreed with him. He is adorable!!! I like to call him Guac and he looks like a modern day triceratop!!! Very cute video !!!

  2. Very cute clips of Jahari, Ulu and Goober!!! It was a gorgeous day and the animals were enjoying every minute of it....adorable!!!