Saturday, November 21, 2009

new lioness in town

last week our female lion kimani was sent to her new home at the tautphaus park zoo in idaho falls. she is going there on a breeding recommendation. its very sad that she won't be here anymore and i will miss her. and her spunkyness! she was born here and has lived with her papa all her life. the deal was a swap and we are getting their female as a companion for tunya. her name is sukari. from this pic she looks like kimani aittle and her mama kita. she is already here in quarantine, where she will stay for thirty days. i just feel bad that tunya will be alone for a month. as well poor kimani will be too (in Q) in her new home. its heartbreaking but that's the way it goes since the program (species survival) is trying its best to keep the lion population thriving and diverse. ... here is a pic i found online. attempts to get concrete info on kimani's boyfriend or photos of either (from Tpark zoo) have not been sucessful ;( .... will post pix of her when i see her in person, hopefully by the time they give out christmas enrichment's! add note> i have been in contact with a fan of the Tpark zoo and sometime soon, she will go there and check on our kimani and get some further info, plus pix of her and her new boyfriend! so, stay tuned for updates.

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  1. I really miss Kimani...She was the social butterfly of the Lions...I have to say that Kimani touched my heart and I love her. I have never seen a lion with a face as cute as hers. It had such character to it. Tunya's new lady is very pretty...let's hope they are a great match and live long and happy lives together here at the zoo. It is on the other hand "positive" in a way that she will be able to have cubs and pass on those wonderful genes that she shares with awesome Tunya and adorable Jahari. Miss ya Kimani...your face was always the first cat I saw in the mornings on my docent rounds. Looking forward to seeing adorable kits in the future with that adorable face!!!