Saturday, November 21, 2009

rhino fever

both of the black rhino's have been moved to their new home! they are giving each time to adjust to their new surroundings and they seem to really like it! i've seen them both now, today being the first time i've seen miss elly out. she was prancing around looking like she just loved the place! so happy to see her in good spirits. she is an older gal and in the old enclosure it kinda showed. she just layed there most of the time and never really had the ambition to do much. now it seems she's got a new zest! i had my video camera and she dashed by with a smile on her face :) i've seen gene (mishaki) out several times in the past week and he too seems to be loving exploring (and marking!) the new digs! i'm glad they are happy! ... photos above of gene checking it all out! below short clip of elly strolling about, can you see her smiling!?

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  1. It was wonderful the past week to see both Gene and Miss Ellie out and about in their new home. They both looked so happy and seemed to really enjoy their exploring!!! Yeahhhhhhhh finally...they got to move to their wonderful new home !!! They are both very awesome animals that I enjoy seeing every week.