Wednesday, November 4, 2009

today's news, re the grizzly invasion

there are so very many things wrong with the outcome of this jury trial.
please read the article available via the website.
the judge is the lamest excuse for a justice renderer and in my opinion the jury is worse becuz they are supposed to be the balance of logic. to me, this jury is made up of those same people who i witness every visit, rapping and tapping on the glass of enclosures, and yelling and roaring out to the animals. the people who come up to me and ask why the animals are all napping. can't we go and "get them to move around." ... i'm not a fan of humans and during one jury selection poll, when the judge explained to me the process was to also ensure my right to a jury of my peers if ever needed. i told him i would wave that right. evidentially you are not allowed to wave that particular right. so, its not a right at all , its a mandated demand. anyway, this jury's logic or lack of proves that i was wise beyond my years as the cliche goes. i would not want people so inept making a decision on my life. ... so the judge doesn't know the meaning of the word "trespass", and both deemed the guy too mental to know what he was doing, but still let him go with no reprimand, not even to deal with fact of said mental issue. .. it was noted that the bears did nothing to him so it wasn't an "intrusion"? how would the judge and jury have justified if the animal had lost its life becuz of this creep?
bottom line, its just another bad message being sent to those who lack a moral conscious in regards to how animals should be respected. who is going to set the precedence on how to punish these people? its obviously not the justice system, so it needs to be zoos, just flat out saying "if you go in, too f-ing bad." sorry if this offends anyone, but i'm pretty pissed and tired of the same old human bullshit in regards to animals.

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  1. I agree, they set a really bad precedent.