Monday, November 16, 2009

big cats in sepia tone

i love using the sepia tone effect. i took some before last year, but for some reason didn't have any of the big cats. snapped these today. the one of tony (siberian tiger) playing with his ball is the cutest and one of my favorite all time pix i've taken at the zoo. ... the one of jahari full frame mane came out exactly how i wanted it to. all the male lion ones are jahari, female lion is amanzi. ... leanne (sumantran tiger) ... rigel (snow leopard) wasn't sleeping today but was on the go! too bad about the fence, but i like that i finally got him up and about! ... just looked at my photos again after posting and having eye contact with such majestic creatures makes me tear up. its really incredible when they look right at you and some you know recognize you. look at the pix of tony and jahari how they are looking right at me. even amazni was, but you can't tell the depth in that photo like with the other two.


  1. Awesome photos in sepia !!! Catches a more regal look to these great cats. All wonderful pictures. Rigel has cute feet !!! Glad he's out and about. I think it just took him time to get used to his enclosure... he looks very confident today.... hey are a cutie....all the big cats are cuties !!!

  2. rigel was very active! he was rubbing his head one the tree trunk and then under the perches. made me wonder if ming wah has been moved yet and maybe she had been in there, so he was scenting it? whatever was going on with him was all good!